Serge lecussant and J. B. Beaucham wanted

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    paulina-porazinska on #146940

    I am writing doctoracy about virtuosity in harp and violin music. I choose few pieces for the recital and also I have to write about it. Therefore i am looking for two contemporary composers Serge Lecussant and Jean Bernard Beauchamp. I would be happy to contact them and ask how they composed their pieces, how they cooperated with the performers. If someone knows them please help me find them., Maybe there is also possible that Steffi Tsjoen is visiting this web site and Lecussant piece was dedicated to her. Beauchamp wrote his variations for Darina and Nina Maleeva – I do not know which one is a harpist but if you know any of these people let mi know. Thanks for help.

    Alexandre Budin on #146941


    I’m a friend of Jean Bernard and he wrote “Variations sur un thème bulgare” for violin and harp (Nina Maleeva is the harpist).

    I can help you to contact him.

    Send me a message on my FaceBook or by the Magasin de la Harpe.

    Alexandre Budin.

    paulina-porazinska on #146942

    I tried to contact you on harpe budin and there is no answer. Can i try again?


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