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    rod-c on #145818


    I am working on an article for the American Harp Journal about Harpo Marx and his influence in the harp world. I have a question for anyone who wishes to respond:

    — Did Harpo Marx in any way inspire you or your influence your decision to play the harp? I also would invite any comments about your observations or insights about Harpo Marx and his legacy.

    I would think Harpo fans would appreciate seeing responses here on the message board. It would be helpful if you would also paste your comments (and any other points you’d like to make) into

    steven-todd-miller on #145819

    Harpo Marx has been and is to this day a profound inspiration to me. I began paying harp when I was fifteen and basically had no choice but to teach myself. Like all of us, I watched the occasional clip of him playing; but being an actor myself, was amazed at his abilities in mime. I found his book, “Harpo Speaks”, and when I read how he was also self-taught I became even more inspired to be the best musician I could be. Two years ago I brought a dream of mine to life. I created a children’s program inspired by Harpo to introduce the harp using music, math, science, and history. I premiered it in South Carolina to great reviews from all ages. I plan on taking it on the road when I retire from teaching 2nd grade in a few years. (If I’m still sane.) To me Harpo represents an amazing sense of happiness, innocence, and wonder: things that we need now more than ever.

    David Ice on #145820

    The first time I ever saw a harp played was Harpo in A NIGHT AT THE OPERA, and I was struck by how this wonderfully comic character was completely transformed by the instrument.

    kent-vogel on #145821

    Hello! It is my firm belief that “Harpo” Marx, was the greatest clown (one who evokes laughter through visually observed

    patricia-jaeger on #145822

    Mr. Vogel, the son you mention, Bill Marx, has written a book: “Harpo Speaks” in which he chronicles what his father did with the harp, and in films. Also, he has taken tours onstage widely,

    barbara-brundage on #145823

    Hi, Patricia.

    Are you sure that’s the title? Because it’s also the title of Harpo’s autobiography.

    catherine-rogers on #145824

    It’s “Son of Harpo Speaks,” because I have a copy. It’s very interesting and a nice addition to my collection of books by and about the Marx Brothers.

    barbara-brundage on #145825

    Thanks, Catherine.

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