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    Chris Boehm on #82882

    Hi everyone. I got a Lyon and Healy Ogden about two weeks ago and I love it and have been practicing a lot. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and I’m currently going to what seems to be the only harp teacher in the area (only other ones listed on registries have moved away or are not actually based in Pittsburgh), but it is not working out very well so far. We don’t really seem to click or understand what each other are saying, and she tends to not tune any of her harps before our lessons which is pretty annoying.

    lisa-fenwick on #82883

    Chris, I have been thinking about teaching via Skype for a while now. I can give you some details about my background, training

    patricia-jaeger on #82884

    Chris, in case you know someone who has membership in American Harp Society, ask to look briefly in Pennsylvania and you will find at least eight harp teachers in Pittsburgh. I can’t list these contacts in a public forum but you could click on my underlined name above,

    Chris Boehm on #82885

    That’s interesting, I guess a bunch of those people didn’t list on the couple registries I looked at.

    Chris Boehm on #82886

    Also just wanted to say it’s not like I really dislike my current teacher personally or anything, I just don’t really feel we’re the best match. Don’t want to seem overly mean about this…

    Gretchen Cover on #82887

    Josh Layne teaches via skype. He has a very informative series on youtube called “Harp Tuesdays.”

    Chris Boehm on #82888

    Man, maybe I should just watch all his videos instead! Seems to have the basics of harp lessons laid out in a lot of detail, and I do have a book already too…

    Gretchen Cover on #82889


    loretta-o-driscoll on #82890

    I have used Skype to teach myself. But as a rule, I have never done so with a complete beginner. I think it is too important for the teacher to be right there when developing proper hand position and technique.

    loretta-o-driscoll on #82891

    What I meant was, I have used Skype as a teacher, to teach others…

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #82892

    I know a teacher in Greensburgh, who might be able to come to Pittsburgh, if you can’t go there. Otherwise, I can arrange a video setup for lessons if you wish.

    Susan Ottzen on #82893

    I find it fun to have beginning adult students who are so bright,quick, writing their own music and no technique. It takes a teacher who is flexible and willing to acknowledge the students competence. So the communication style needs to be cooperative, the goals clear and gradually progressive. You might try communicating with your current teacher about what you are needing

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