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    unknown-user on #168253

    Hi, I’m 17, I live in Brazil and have been playing the harp for
    about five years. I’m planning to do an audition in the end of the
    semester but I don’t know what exactly to play. I’ve already played
    Passacaglia by Haendel, Salzedo’s Chansons Dans La Nuit

    unknown-user on #168254

    Hi Ana Paula!

    I played some of the pieces you name here too! You could try Saint-Sa?ns’s Fantaisie pour Harpe, one of the pieces I enjoyed very much! It’s quite a long piece (8/9 minutes) and it’s quite a challenge. I also love ‘La Source’ by Alphons Hasselmans and ‘Scherzetto’ by Ibert. That last one isn’t too hard and great fun to play (it has a very ‘happy’ melody). I hope to have given you some suggestions!

    Best wishes from the Netherlands,


    unknown-user on #168255

    Hey Anna Paula!

    I’m always suggesting the 1st and 2nd movement of Handel’s Concerto in Bb to any looking to a fun peice to play. The 1st movement is a considerably shorter than the 2nd if played at the suggested tempo. The 2nd movement is also much easier to me. I play the Salzedo version which is supposedly more difficult than other arrangements. Go figure, right? 🙂

    Best of luck, Steven

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