Scales and Arpeggios

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    bella-bella on #155615


    I was wondering how you would learn the scales and arpeggios. I

    jessica-wolff on #155616

    You sure are in an all-fired hurry! Keep in mind that in the case of the piano you have one more finger on each hand, don’t you?

    bella-bella on #155617

    Yes. I just looked at a grade 1 piano scales book. I think I could just use that, but miss out the fifth finger.

    Lol I am really excited. The thing that’s bothering me now though is the fingering. I know I should wait until the lesson, but… is it bad to practise with one finger, or two for now? I’m not sure if it’s a waste of time if it means going back to the beginning when learning to use your fingers.

    Tacye on #155618

    Have you done turns under and over with your teacher?

    bella-bella on #155619

    Thank you, Tacye.

    I actually haven’t had an official lesson yet. I’m just practicing while waiting for it. I have practiced the C Major scale, using all four fingers, then crossing under my thumb and am getting better at it.

    However, it didn’t help with some of my beginner’s sheet music that doesn’t have the fingering numbered, since the strings aren’t in scales. Even for the sheets with finger numbers, it is so much quicker to just use one finger. For the sheets that aren’t numbered, I don’t know if I’m fingering correctly.

    I was wondering how you would practice this.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #155620

    If you have you tube there are a couple of demonstrations of scales on it – Josh Layne has a good one

    erin-wood on #155621

    If you have really never had a lesson, I would hold off on learning scales. I usually don’t teach my students a scale with a cross under for quite sometime. There is so much to learn before that. It is awesome that you are so eager to play but you don’t want to develop any bad habits!

    bella-bella on #155622

    Thank you, both of you.

    I have seen the Harp Tuesday videos, and found the scales one really useful, but he doesn’t really help with every day music.

    I suppose I should just wait until the lesson… lol. But what do you think I should practice in the mean time? I do need to practice reading music, but I would probably do that with just one finger, and that might form bad habbits, or have been for nothing when I start using more fingers.

    lisa-fenwick on #155623

    Bella Bella, Your enthusiasm is great but I strongly urge you to wait

    bella-bella on #155624

    Thank you, Lisa.

    I really love the harp and am too eager. I can’t wait until my teacher gives me things to work on.

    I have been reading lots of harp posts on here and will begin looking at the Harp Spectrum site. I really can’t wait!

    Oh, and do you know much about the lyre harp? There’s a video here:

    Tacye on #155625

    Have you seen the harp lessons on Teifi’s site?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #155626

    I don’t think you can really crowd-source learning the harp if you have a teacher. It isn’t fair to the teacher, and it will be confusing for you. A little patience is nowhere near how much you need to learn the harp.

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