Saving a mature lady

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    Liam M on #162026

    Well I must apologise. It would seem a few aspiring amateur luthiers are dominating the forum, (Perhaps we need our own?).

    Having apologised, here is my latest project.

    Saving a fine mature lady.

    Rince na Mear, (Thank you Audrey for the translation), is a thirty string Dreamsinger Trinity in Mahogany. “Rince” was found on craigslist at a very reasonable price. I was told she was playable and structurally sound, but blemished.

    Liam M on #162027

    Missed one or two shots that show the lifted varnish… Now you can see why I prefer Danish Oil… As it actually penetrates the wood and creates a new surface strata, this lifting does not occur.

    unknown-user on #162028

    Cat scratches?

    Liam M on #162029

    Hmmm… Unknown etiology, but I do not suspect cat.

    Thankfully, there are not scratches in the actual wood itself. I suspect stored on her back and moisture trapping between the back and whatever she was lying on and destroying the varnish.

    The varnish is quite thick… I suspect 10 coats or more. It is taking sometime to scrub it down with a mild stripping agent. I could go stronger, but I have the time and that is so risky. The underlying wood looks good.

    Audrey Nickel on #162030

    Ah…the poor, pretty thing!

    michael-rockowitz on #162031


    Pretty harp.

    Audrey Nickel on #162032

    So here’s another question for all you folks who have finished a harp:

    My husband is in the process of applying varnish to my Dreamsinger.

    Audrey Nickel on #162033

    For some reason Flickr isn’t letting me just copy the image location, but here are some links that illustrate what I’m trying to describe:

    View 1:

    View 2:

    A view of the soundboard on the other side of the harp, for contrast:

    Liam M on #162034

    Oh my patience is not that vast. I am away from my shop all week, so I can only work on weekends and there are of course other demands… The Turbo Carrots for one, (My redheaded granchildren).

    Liam M on #162035

    Elementary My dear Watson!

    Audrey Nickel on #162036


    It’s not a problem, then, that it appears to be slightly “inside” (for want of a better word) of the edge soundbox, compared to the rest of the soundboard?

    Karen Johns on #162037


    Did you bead the glue on rather thick? If it is a thick layer of glue that is showing up, you may want to resort to a wood filler to blend in the edge with the rest of the soundbox/board, if it is recessed and you can’t sand it away.

    michael-rockowitz on #162038

    Hello Audrey,

    You might try this for a picture – turn off flash, turn on the close-up setting (I assume your camera has one – you should be able to shoot from

    Liam M on #162039

    You know Audrey I am not a total fan of mahogany, oh it should be easier to carve, but it simply appears too soft for my taste.

    Audrey Nickel on #162040

    It would be pronounced “KLAR-sokh” in Scottish Gaelic (the spelling “Clàrsach” is Scottish) or “KLAR-shokh” in Irish (the Irish word is spelled Cláirseach).

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