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    Just praying that all my fellow East Coast harp friends made out ok in the storm. Harps can be replaced but people can’t. God bless!

    Kay 😉

    Sherj DeSantis

    Praying along with you Kay…… by-passed us, but so many have been hit hard. Sherj


    I’m wondering about all the harps at the VA Harp Center in Haddonfield. Hope they are all okay — and hope all the private owners of beautiful instruments were able to keep them safe. It’s easier to move a harp than a piano or a practice organ, and I always think about the huge instruments that are not easily raised. Hope no one had any heartbreak with their instruments.

    Lynne Abbey-Lee

    I spoke with MJ yesterday and she said things were fine. Only some water in the basement, and they don’t keep harps there! I, too, hope that everyone who needed to move their instruments was able to do so, and that they are safe as well.


    It is quite amazing how soothing it is to practice! We have no power or heat, and absolutey no idea when the power will be back, and I have been using the sunniest part of my day to do Pozzoli etudes and Christmas music. My appreciation for Whitney Dobyns and Sharon Thormahlen and Kim Robertson and Jo Morrison is boundless. I honestly think my fingers get warmer while I’m playing their beautiful, wonderful Christmas arrangements, although I have so many layers of clothing on that my elbows hardly bend at all, causing my technique to be far less focused than I’d prefer. So glad to hear that everything was OK at the Haddonfield store!


    I’m so sorry you have no power or heat, I’m from Long Island and the town Oceanside I grew up in is pretty wiped out. I understand the school i went to was trashed and the students have to be bused to another school. My prayers are with you. I was in a hurricane in Hawaii, but it is a lot warmer there and the hurricane was not as bad as this one was. I just pray things will be back to normal as soon as possible! Nancy

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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