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    sage on #224025

    Hi all!

    I’m quite new to the harp as well as this forum, and I’ve gotten stuck. I’m currently learning to play ‘children’ by Robert Miles, which is going alright, up until a quick ‘d flat – c – d flat’ switch, which is not possible for me to do on my lever harp with e flat major tuning… does anyone know how I can fix this? Do I have to retune my harp?

    Thanks in advance!

    wil-weten on #224034

    Db is enharmonically the same as C#.

    So you just have C lever up for Db and lower it to get to the C.

    So, no need at all to retune your harp.

    sage on #224035

    Thank you for your reply! I did realize this, however, the switch between these two notes happens too fast to be able to play it on the same string with a lever change.

    this is the song:

    the part I’m talking about happens at 0:20

    wil-weten on #224036

    I am sorry, I can’t see the video as I get the message that the user that uploaded that video, didn’t make it available in my country (The Netherlands).

    As to the swiftness with which one can flip a lever, this depends very much on the kind of lever. The metal Camac levers can be flipped very fast during playing, some other levers need a bit more time.

    Also, you may like to see some videos on the technique of lever flipping, e.g.

    (I still don’t understand how to embed video links)

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    Biagio on #224043

    Would it be possible in this piece to tune that one D to flat? If so, raise it’s lever so it is a natural until you reach that point, then flip the lever down. Alternatively, sometimes one can “fake” and accidental by playing a second – in this case C and D.

    Just some thoughts as I don’t know this piece. If that Db is a passing tone, just skip it altogether, of course.

    Tacye on #224047

    Are you playing from a harp arrangement? Another option is to transpose the piece into a key that suits your harp better.

    sage on #224050

    I’m playing by ear and observing people playing the piece on piano/harp, as I don’t know how to read sheet music yet. I think transposing the piece into another key is a great idea, except I don’t quite know how :’)

    goatberryfarm2010 on #224060

    Did anyone but me find that video to be horrifying?

    Good fortune on your project. I’m not anywhere near that fast along & I applaud you!

    sage on #224085

    Dislike the video and honestly not fond of the original song itself too, I haven’t actually looked past the part I was looking to show… Remy van Kesteren made me fall in love with the song on harp :’) here’s the link:

    also, thank you! I’ve been playing for about 3.5 weeks now, and I’m quite happy with the speed at which I’m progressing. I’m looking forward to starting taking classes 🙂 good luck on your harp journey!

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