Salvi Ana vs Egan, help!

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    balzac on #229728

    Hi balfour-knight! It didn’t sound at all like « I should have bought a dusty ». To each his own 😉 Dusty harps are a little too square for my personal taste and comfort when playing the harp, that is all. I was considering buying a dusty ravenna a couple of years ago when I was still a student with much less budget than I have now.
    I’m quite happy with my prelude, though 🙂

    balfour-knight on #229752

    So glad to hear that, Karine! Yes, harps are very personal, indeed. Other than what they sound like, it is how they feel when you play them, and also the visual appeal of the harp itself and what you look like playing it. Also, as has been said here before, the harp just keeps sounding better and better as it ages and comes into its own!

    Best wishes,

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