Russian Lunacharsky Harps… pedal, 46 strings…

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    unknown-user on #146751

    Hi, Does anyone know the harps of colamusic, I think it’s

    mr-s on #146752

    40 strings pedal or lever harps?

    HBrock25 on #146753

    Hi Krystal

    do you still want to sell your harp?

    mari johnson on #146754

    Im looking for a pedal harp with a good price in Russia .if someone has pls send me Email

    Fearghal McCartan on #146755

    re the Apollo – I’ve yet to find a harp with a greater room-filling sound and dynaminc range. I’m just lucky that my Arianna matches that quality. If I hadn’t seen & tried it I would have bought the Apollo straight away.

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