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    daniele-di on #156360

    Hi all,

    I`m having lots of difficulties in finding a pedal harp to rent in UK, most of the shops have really long waiting list (even of years!).

    I`ve been playing the lever harp for 8 months and now I really would like to try a pedal harp, even for a few months, I just want to understand how it feels to play a pedal harp

    Now they offered me a “Russian 46 pedal harp”, I`ve just read a few comments but is it really so bad?
    I mean, I`m sure it cannot be compared to the best ones, but maybe for a beginner who want to try a pedal harp for a few months it`ll be alright, no?

    I really want to understand what I like the most, so I can finally buy an harp!

    Thank you and sorry for my english


    catherine-rogers on #156361

    Maybe you could rent the Russian harp while you’re waiting for a different one to become available.

    patricia-jaeger on #156362

    Daniele, have you contacted Pilgrim Harps in Surrey, or Morley Harps, to ask whether a pedal harp might be available for rent? Otherwise, you could think about attending the Edinburgh Festival of Music in mid August, where there might be harp companies displaying their instruments for sale, as well as harpists you could ask about rental possibilities. If you visit United Kingdom Harpists Association on the web, and possibly join, you will find many contacts to ask about renting a pedal harp. They have a printed bulletin in which a member could post a “wanted” notice; it is read by hundreds of subscribers.The President is She would be very knowledgeable about sources. Teachers frequently rent an extra harp

    daniele-di on #156363

    Hi Patricia,

    Piligrim has an infinite waiting list 🙂 , Morley harps is the only one with some harps available, and I can see why…their harps are good, the service is good and fast, but their renting prices are much expensive than any other shops in europe, and I`m not talking about a few pound more… I`m talking about hundreds of pounds more than other shops.

    By the way, it`s really interesting what you say, I didn`t know that at the Edimburgh Festival (which is from the 30th march to the 4th april from what I see on the website) I could find someone for rental possibilities…I`ll think about it!

    carl-swanson on #156364

    Have you tried Geraldine McMahon? Her web site is

    jessica-wolff on #156365

    Pilgrim Harps make a tiny pedal harp, the Progress, just 41 strings and a smidgin under 5 feet tall, that’s really pretty good. Worth considering if one becomes available.

    Tacye on #156366

    Is the Russian a rental?

    daniele-di on #156367

    Yes, she was really kind and helpful but unfortunately she just have one really big harp for intermediate-advanced players.

    There is an incredible shortage of harps 🙁

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #156368

    Not to poke fun, but I can only imagine that a Russian 46-pedal harp was created for a harp collective to perform on.

    daniele-di on #156369

    I will receive the Russian 46 tomorrow, I`ll made some video during the next week so you can give me an opinion about the sound it make 🙂

    daniele-di on #156370

    Let`s say that having this Russian 46 is making me understand how beautiful is my Ravenna 26…
    Are all Gut strings harps SO hard to play? the strings require lot of strenght to make an almost decent sound, and for some pieces where I need to move the finger a bit faster I just can`t give them strenght enough.

    And the pedal are so clunky, I wonder if I`ll ever be able to change them during a piece…

    In the end I`m a bit disappointed, but for sure these 2 months of renting will be a good experience

    Tacye on #156371

    Pedal harps do require a lot more finger strength to play beautifully – this is because the strings are thicker, not because they are gut.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #156372

    My first pedal harp had one or two pedals that didn’t work at all, but I was still able to play it and learn for a year. It’s not ideal, but a stepping stone to better things.

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