Rock tunes on lever harp on youtube

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    unknown-user on #160043

    Two young harpists on who play rock tunes on their lever harps:

    Super Greensleeves-

    helen-rudd on #160044

    Have you seen Erin Hill’s stuff? I don’t think it could be classified as rock (maybe poppy rock mixed with a bit of jazzy bluesy stuff???) but it is very neat. She does original sci-fi songs. Stun and Silver Feet are my particular favorites.She does not have those up on youtube, only on her myspace account but here is one from youtube. I have to say if you like funky xmas music you MUST listen to Silver Feet. Nothing like reindeer in kevlar suits.

    Liam M on #160045

    So lovely!!

    (And did anyone notice? She sneaks her pinky in all the time!)

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