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    don.johnson on #183227

    Hello! I was referred to your group from the TPIN (Trumpet Players International Network), and I am hopeful that someone here can help me.

    I am a trumpet player in my church, and would like to prepare a special song for the Christmas/Winter season. Here is a hauntingly simple and beautiful arrangement of “In the Bleak Midwinter” done by Tine Thing Helseth: I have contacted her
    (through her management), and it seems there is no codified version of
    this. I have tried to write this out, and while my skills are fine for
    the trumpet and a little of the violin, I am having fits trying to figure
    out the harp part. We have a harpist at our church who would love to do
    this, but she is fairly new to the harp and is not capable of writing this out. So my request is if someone here in Harpland would be willing to take a little time and write out the parts for me so we might be able to play this sometime in the “bleak midwinter” ahead of us. Would someone here please do this for us?

    Thanks in advance for your help with Tine’s song.

    Don Johnson
    Beckley, WV.

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