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    Hello everyone…this is my first time to post so be gentle:-)…. I was actually given a gift of a Meghan harp this Christmas… I’m a beginner and I’m just having fun with it at the moment. It’s not that bad really, well not for how I’m just playing around with it anyway, but I was thinking that if I replaced the strings with better quality ones it may improve it somewhat…especially the top octaves.. Could anyone perhaps guide me as to what type/brand of strings would be suitable etc… Any help is greatly appreciated


    Markwood Strings have been mentioned as having string charts for these – but they are in the US. If shipping the strings is too expensive they might just sell you the details and I am sure someone like Salopian Strings could provide the strings themselves.


    Catherine, I don’t have an answer for you, but congrats on the new harp and I hope you are having a lot of fun!


    Thanks for the info Tayce….I’ll check them out…. and Katie…..I’m certainly enjoying it….going to give myself a bit of time and then perhaps ‘upgrade’ to a better harp


    the “harp that shall not be named”. That is so funny! I have had two students bring them to me in the last several months. One just wouldn’t stay in tune but last week I saw a brand new one. We are waiting to see if it holds tuning and the family was already asking about changing the strings. I don’t believe that would make one bit of difference. These were brand new strings and the sound in the upper octaves is just all you get. My humble suggestions is don’t spend money on strings. Save your money for a harp that will have a better sound from the start. (My first post in a long time so I don’t know where to put my name. I guess it will show up.)


    Well I have found the secret to making the rosewood beauty sound at least a little better…. Using a condenser mic and, as we say in Ireland, a ‘geansai’ load of effects….lol.

    I’m a smidgen better than I was in January so looking to upgrade…. I swear, you’d never think it would be so difficult to buy a celtic harp in Ireland…’s almost like a secret society….:-)

    Sherri Matthew

    Hi Catherine,
    Best of luck to you with your new harp… I hear you about harps in Ireland. I was there in ’08 and it was a challenge to find them. I wasn’t shopping then, just wanted a few lessons and listen to celtic harp being played. Flew back home and had my wire harp built for me out in CA (!)

    Where do you live in Ireland? There’s an Irish harp school in Castleconnell. They might be able to advise you.


    Hi Sherri…
    I’m in Kildare….. I’ve been scouring the Internet for any info I can find….. Quite a few harp makers but with really long waiting lists.. Found a dealer for Harpsicles, but the mark-up on them was astronomical…..would actually be cheaper to order from the US and that’s taking into account vat and duty and shipping….haven’t given up yet though..:-)


    Question, I’ve seen this “harp that shall not be named” in another post on this forum as well. I thought it was just a clever name for that persons harp but now I’m seeing this thread. Is there actually a harp called the “harp that shall not be named”? I tried searching online but all I found were the harpcolumn posts. Is this a stupid question or did it just go over my head? lol

    Angela Biggs

    Tracey, “the harp that shall not be named” is a Pakistani. 🙂


    I just called it that because I thought if I mentioned it as a Pakistani then my computer might explode…:-)) If I was actually to give it a name, then it might be something like Mike or Bert etc…:-))

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