Repertoire for Funerals and Memorial Services

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    lisa-fenwick on #145456

    What do you consider standard must know and have ready to play with little notice

    lisa-fenwick on #145457

    Follow up question:What are must know hymns for funerals and memorial services?

    Sylvia Clark on #145458

    I’ve found that Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art work for both Catholics and Protestants.

    patricia-jaeger on #145459

    In Paradisum from Gabriel Faure’s Requiem is now available as a pedal harp solo, intermediate level. Also Adagio from Rachmaninoff’s 2nd piano concerto, upper intermediate pedal harp. Melody’s Music in Texas carries these. A standard hymn Abide With Me can bring comfort to funeral attenders.

    Angela Biggs on #145460

    Regarding charging for funerals, I sing for both weddings and funerals, and I do charge less for funerals (about 25%). I make it clear on my website that this is a discount “due to the nature of the event”: I believe that music has a real purpose in the grieving process, and that everyone should have access to good music at such a time, regardless of income. It’s also because funerals are a *lot* less work. Grieving people are much less choosy than brides, and there is so little notice (usually 2-3 days) that there isn’t time for the client to flake out. If you can get into playing for funerals, it’s a great bread-and-butter gig. Good luck!

    (What I specifically charge probably won’t help you much; I live in a very unmusical place, so my rates are quite low.)

    Kathleen Martin on #145461

    I am looking for music intermediate pedal for How Great Thou Art and the Faure sounds nice so would like to get that music too. I haven ‘t done funerals but am thinking I should . Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd Webber is also nice and there is a nice simple version of it in Sylvia Woods ALW book

    andy-b on #145462

    Rhett Barnwell has done a beautiful arrangement of How Great Thou Art that can be played on pedal or lever harp. It comes with two versions, one in G and one in Eb. I think I got my copy from the Atlanta Harp Center, but anyone who carries his music should have it.



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