Renting a pedal harp in Chicago last minute?

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    Anonymous on #186945

    Hello everyone,

    I’m trying to rent a pedal harp in Chicago for my grandfather’s funeral this coming Thursday (4/9). I’ve contacted Lyon and Healy before about renting when I’ve gone for Christmas, and they told me they don’t rent harps out unless it’s with the rent-to-buy thing. I called them today to ask again, just in case they’d make an exception for a funeral, but they’re closed, so I likely won’t hear back until next week.

    Does anyone have recommendations for where I might find a harp to rent in Chicago last-minute?

    – Ben

    patricia-jaeger on #186958

    Venus Harps is also located in Chicago and is very friendly. I feel sure that if you contact them this coming Monday they will understand and be of help to you. Below is contact information.

    All inquires or questions to :
    Due to excessive amounts of emails from infected computers with viruses of all sorts, we now ask that if you email us for any type of information, please provide your full name, location and full email address so we know it is a legitimate request vs spam email from infected computers and their address books.

    If we determine emails to be from infected computers we will reply advising you of the problem. We cannot respond to information requests of any kind without knowing whom and where we are corresponding.


    VENUS Factory & Showroom (Chicago)

    1-773-278-4210, 773-278-4238
    8AM-2PM Central Standard Time
    Monday thru Friday

    After hours forwarded to phone answering system in business office. Calls after 2PM CST, weekends or holidays please leave message.

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