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    gorman-jones on #159091

    I am currently learning “Angelus” by Henriette Renie. There are only a few chords marked to be rolled. It is my sense that “the manner of playing” the harp includes tasteful rolling of more than just the few indicated. I wonder if anyone could enlighten me as to Renie’s intentions with regard to the rolling of chords including the ones specifically marked. Thanks to all for the valuable information you post on this site.

    unknown-user on #159092

    Hi Gorman,

    With French music, especially Renie, the few chords that are marked to be rolled are to be especially rolled. Often they are the culmination of a phrase. Tasteful rolling elsewhere is standard.


    Brandee Younger on #159093

    Gorman, I believe it’s within the nature of the harp to slightly roll chords in general.

    carl-swanson on #159094

    Gorman- There are many ways to roll a chord. The roll can be very brisk and short, or stretched out, especially at the end of a phrase. The roll can start before the beat so that the top note lands on the beat, or the roll can begin on the beat and continue after. If the top or bottom notes are melody notes, then they can be played at slightly higher dynamic levels then the rest of the chord. You can also start the chord slowly and speed up the roll as it progresses. You can also make a crescendo from the bottom to the top of the chord.That’s the case with the final chord in the Parish-Alvars Serenade. If Renie indicated a roll on a chord, it probably means a longer roll then on other chords in the piece.

    patricia-jaeger on #159095


    Try to listen to a recording of this beautiful piece. One is on “The Golden Harp”(Victoria record ,#ECD19002)

    gorman-jones on #159096

    Thanks to each of you for your input. I am working with a teacher and we began discussing this issue at my last lesson but never got to finish the discussion. It seemed to be headed exactly as you all described.

    Again, many thanks to each of you who responded. I learn so much from reading your posts, day after day..

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