Renato Grisoni – Suite Ellenica

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    Fearghal McCartan on #150982

    Hi again,

    Just a quick question about a piece of music. It is: Suite Ellenica by Renato Grisoni (pub. by Pizzicato edizioni musicali, Cat. no. P210E)


    Elisa Netzer on #150983

    Hi! I played the suite ellenica and I worked the suite with Grisoni himself.
    I’ve heard a lot of differents opinions about the suite. Personally I really love it, there are some movements that I like better than others but I find it is a really good work for harp. Some people does not like it because it’s too simple. Yes, is not complicated for the fingers, is not a virtuoso piece, but it requires a lot of musical maturity to make it interesting. You will like it if you like music with space and time inside, like the Prayer of Natra, you really have to sing and do a lot of legato with your harp. Last but not least, is a contemporary piece that is not too difficult for a standard audience.
    scuse me for my english! 🙂

    Fearghal McCartan on #150984

    Hi, Thanks very much for your reply. It does look a very interesting and fun piece to play. I’m sadly having to leave looking at the piece for a week or so now due to having to prepare Benjamin Britten’s

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