Regulating Truitt levers

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    Allison Stevick on #76051

    To anyone out there who has regulated Truitts: what screwdriver do you use? I need to adjust a few of mine, and I’ve searched google, and the forums, but I can’t find what screwdriver I need or where to get it. Can anybody help me?

    Angela Biggs on #76052

    I had this problem last year! It’s a T6 star bit. You can find it at Home Depot or Lowe’s — I got one that was part of a set of interchangeable star bits with a single handle. Mostly because I didn’t know what to use either, and wanted to make sure I had the right one. 🙂

    Angela Biggs on #76053

    By the way, I also play a Heartland (Sylvan), and I am very please with it, too. You’re lucky to have a carbon fiber model. I’m keeping my eye on the Infinity!

    Allison Stevick on #76054

    Thank you so much! Now my F#s will be in tune again! 🙂
    Actually, about 3 yrs ago when I was considering what harp to get, the Sylvan was my top choice. They had JUST stopped making it by the time I was ready to get my hands on one, though, so I waited a little longer and eventually got the Delight. It worked out for the best though, I think. I really feel very lucky to be able to play the one I have.

    harpist123 on #225752

    I am replying to an old post about tool(s) required to regulate Truitt levers. Hoping I will get a reply…I am getting a small harp with Truitt levers installed and want to be able to regulate them myself (as I do my Camac levered harps). But I can’t find a single link online, or a YouTube video (how to) on regulating Truitt levers. I am not within an easy driving distance to a professional, which is why I learned how to regulate my Camac levers (and bought the appropriate tools). Can anyone help me out? There was a link in this thread which no longer works. Thank you!

    Allison Stevick on #225754

    Hi harpist123,
    Truitts are really easy to regulate yourself. All you need is that T6 star bit screwdriver, and your tuner. There are 2 screws on each lever. You just loosen the screws a little, adjust the position of the lever until it’s in tune, then tighten the screws again. 🙂

    harpist123 on #225755

    Thank you…sounds easy once you’ve done it. But without a visual I am at a disadvantage. With Camacs you start by turning bridge pin to the right if pitch is sharp, and to the left if flat. If you can’t get it to pitch before it buzzes, then you move the lever. So I don’t completely understand your instructions. Sounds like the 2 screws move the lever within “slots”, and then you tighten back down before you flip the lever again to listen to the pitch. Do you see my mental dilemma? 🙂

    Biagio on #225760

    Since Truitt levers flip up (out) the string tension holds them in place – in fact, when I am installing new ones I don’t even place the screws until it is in position. So yes, move it up or down, flip and check the tuner, when it is correct, tighten away.

    As for that bridge pin: for any lever if it is only slightly “off” moving the pin a scush in or out may be all that is necessary. Most pins are threaded now, so turning it to the right movies it in, to the left moves it out.

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    harpist123 on #225770

    Thank you, Biagio! Do you know what tool to buy for the Truitt bridge pin? Allison mentioned the T6 star bit screwdriver for the screws on the lever. There are 3 socket sizes required for the Camac bridge pins. As you may have surmised, I will be getting this little harp (26 string Blevins Eden) April 3rd, so I don’t have anything to actually look at until then…Thank you in advance!

    Biagio on #225774

    Bridge pins are separate components for Truitts, which just supplies the lever; and I don’t know what your Blevins harp may have. Some bridge pins do have hex heads – I use those from Dusty Strings which are 5/32. Some others, such as pins supplied by Musicmakers, actually take a Phillips screw driver. And some are not threaded at all – you just push or pull them. Better just wait until you get the harp, or ask the current owner.

    harpist123 on #225776

    Thank you again, Biagio, for your informative reply. I will check with the builder (Dale Wright) who recently bought the business from Dwight Blevins.

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