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    jessica-wolff on #166269

    Is this the right place to post this? I hope so.

    Went to the student solo recital under the auspices of the International Harp Museum (Orlando, Florida) Sunday. The soloist was 18-year-old Emmy Rathgeber, who played beautifully and was only momentarily disconcerted by a string that went wildly out of tune. The chosen student is supposed to play a harp of his/her choice from the Museum’s collection, and she had chosen to play a gorgeous Wurlitzer DD from the 1920s that had only finished being restored three weeks ago. Aside from the cranky string, the harp sounded wonderful. So many people here have talked about how great Wurlitzers were/are that I really wanted to hear one.

    Also, I got to meet Roslyn Rensch after the concert. She now lives in our neck of the woods, roughly (Georgia) and it was fun to talk to her.

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