Ravenna 26 or FH 26?

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    karen-agabin on #155167

    I can’t decide between a Ravenna 26 or FH 26 knowing full well that one is more portable than the other, one is cheaper than the other, etc. The sound samples on the website sound almost the same.

    Problem is that I can’t see or hear the actual harps since I am from Manila so I can only view and listen to both online. Any views from any one?

    Audrey Nickel on #155168

    I’m not sure why one would be more portable than the other.

    Audrey Nickel on #155169

    Another option, by the way, is the Allegro, which is midway between the two in price, and is the same size.


    Rachel on #155170

    One other difference to note is the length of the warranty,

    diana-lincoln on #155171

    I live near Seattle and have haunted Dusty Strings longer than I care to admit. Althought the FH26 in Bubinga was my first choice(as my first harp) I found a lovely,gently used FH26 in maple which has been awesome for me.

    karen-agabin on #155172

    Thanks for all the advise!

    Yes I’ve emailed Dusty Strings like mad already but it is very worth asking the customers/harpers themselves. I am remotely in love with both and their distinct features which makes it difficult to decide.

    Living in a tropical climate, yes, the type of wood and construction will make a lot of difference here as some of my current harps’ wood have already moved, which is scary. Nonetheless, will wait a while as I may have the opportunity to touch a Ravenna and FH when I go to the UK in April.

    karen-agabin on #155173

    I envy your FH 26 maple–it’s exactly what I want to get if I were to purchase the FH 26. Did you ever record using it? If so, do you mind if I obtained a copy? Or do you have youtube video somewhere?

    diana-lincoln on #155174

    Karen, I don’t have a recording of mine but the Dusty Strings website has a wonderful section displaying the looks and sounds of the harps. Haper Tasche plays the same tune on harps made of various woods.

    diana-lincoln on #155175


    Audrey Nickel on #155176

    It’s very true that where you live might be a factor.

    Valerie Hawkes-Howat on #155177

    I have one of each of these harps, and when we recently began preparations for a long-distance move, my husband asked me to choose which one to part with, and I told him I had to keep both. (As a compromise, I decided to sell my Harpsicle instead.)

    My first Dusty Strings harp, and still my favorite, is the FH 36S. Because it was too much to carry everywhere, I then I bought the FH 26 (in walnut). It has a lovely, warm, sweet sound, but not as much volume as the 36.

    After playing in FH 26 in crowded rooms for awhile, having to repeatedly warn passers-by, “Watch the legs!” (they stick out forward when the harp is tilted into playing position), I decided to consider getting a Christina. But while comparing the Christina to the other harps in the store, I discovered the Ravenna, which was only a bit more money and had really good sound. Its single, telescoping leg solved the tripping hazard, made for easy set-up, and I found it lighter to carry than the FH 26.

    The FH 26 has a warmer, fuller sound than the Ravenna, but the Ravenna’s sound is also pleasing, just a bit louder and brighter, and I find it carries better in a noisy room than the FH 26.

    It may seem silly to keep two harps of the same size, range, and general character, but as long as I can find space for them I will have then both. So the point of all this is, both of these are nice instruments and whichever you choose you will probably be very pleased with it.

    Jerusha Amado on #155178


    Do you happen to know if there is much difference in the FH26’s tone/projection produced by the various wood species that Dusty Strings offers?

    harpglo-jean on #155179

    Hi Jerusha,

    I have heard a difference in tone between a Dusty FH26 in walnut, and one in koa..The koa wood projected more, and had a much brighter tone, whereas the FH26 in walnut was more mellow….I’m assuming the Bubinga would be similar to the koa, but not sure..


    Jerusha Amado on #155180

    Hi Gloria!

    Thanks for writing.

    harpglo-jean on #155181

    Jerusha, for portability, you should check out Dave Woodworth’s (Heartland Harps) new 36 string carbon fiber harp, The Infinity, which only weighs 8lbs. and stands 43in. high, (you can wear it with a strap).

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