Randal's Wire Harp

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    Biagio on #222909

    Hi Guy,

    A thought occurred to me: if the major “issue” here is that it does not hold tune well, that may be because the peg holes have become too smooth. The remedy is easy:

    Take a look at the more serious culprits and if that’s the case, rough up the peg with 50 grit sand paper and ream the holes lightly either with the same sand paper gauge or a tapered reamer – probably a #4, possibly #5.

    Alternatively, if the strings are pretty old it is possible that the “knots” are worn and kinked. If you can fix it that would sure beat buying a brand new harp!

    A reamer is a good thing to have on hand anyway for a dedicated wire player.

    Best wishes,

    randal on #222923

    Thanks Biagio.

    The harp seems mechanically perfect, smooth, etc. I think the problem is environment. I live where it is pretty dry; since I’ve been in my current house – which is better for heating/ventilation, etc – for over a year, the harp has behaved much better. But, still not nearly as stable as my small harp.

    Another problem I have with this harp is the string spacing: it’s actually around 14mm, which I don’t like for wire.

    I’m talking with the seller that Eil mentioned. Currently having to research shipping methods – to get the harp from Netherlands to Montana.

    randal on #222924

    That is, Wil.

    I can’t access edit from this phone!

    randal on #222935

    Anyone have any suggestions for international shipping?

    randal on #222944

    FWIW, trying to find from shipping was difficult. Additionally, I don’t want it damaged or lost, so it is staying in the Netherlands. Looks like a great harp.

    Too, I needn’t be greedy. I have a wonderful harp, and it is enough for me.

    And, I’m hoping that it will increasingly stabilize. It’s actually been much better this season.

    All the best, and thank you

    hearpe on #222975

    One technique I’ve learned from a piano technician’s forum and difficulties with older pinblocks on that instrument, and I’ve used it with some success on that Scamac harp I was sent that had “Propeller pegs” that literally spun a handle backwards after trying to tune:

    A very watered down solution of wood glue in the holes both penetrates and fills the pore of the wood, and slightly expands the wood, better grips the peg after thoroughly drying- use a small artist’s brush.

    randal on #223561

    I’m happy to report that my harp is holding its tuning oh about 80 or 90% percent better now. As I’d mentioned, this year I’ve had a better house for it. It does require me to have a window open a crack in my harp room – which is “garden level” – but I like fresh air anyway. The hydrometer in my fiddle case typically reads 40-50% RH.

    I don’t know how old it is, but it was NOT a happy camper until this past year. It was notoriously bad, wrt tuning stability, since I acquired it about 6 years ago – while living in a dry environment – I think the humidity there was about 30% or less. I guess it just needed water! I confess to harp abuse – unfortunately I couldn’t help it at the time.

    *Oh, it also requires me to zip it up when I’m done playing…which I abhor, but…

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    wil-weten on #223580

    Hi Randal, congratulations that your harp is holding its tune nowadays.

    I use a cold water humidifier to keep the air humidity in our living room in which my harps around 50% (harps love being in a space with a humidity between 40% and 60%).

    There are other kinds of room humidifiers, but cold water humidifiers don’t ‘spray’ droplets in the air.

    It keeps both your harps and other instruments as well as yourself happy

    randal on #223621

    Thank you will! I ran humidifier in the house prior to this. (I’m glad to not having to do it now with lower-level dwelling).

    I’m relieved to have this harp working much better. Makes missing out on Ms Harriet’s Otway much more bearable!

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