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    Cara Fleck on #167520

    Any ideas for an advanced harpist on how to learn a piece quickly and
    efficiently? I sometimes dont feel like I really accomplish what I
    could when i practice…

    patricia-jaeger on #167521

    C Fleck, here are just a few ideas; 1.Number every 5th measure, if they aren’t numbered already. 2.Do a quick analysis of the form and mark those sections with alphabet letters(ABBA, ABACADA, etc. 3.Play the new piece through, slower than concert speed, just twice, and put lightly pencilled parentheses around places you believe will need drilling in order to get a smooth flow. At this point, put any additional markings on the pages that your eye will need to commit to memory along with the note symbol. I use red pencil for pedal markings. 4.Put metronome on, slower than concert speed, and teach the left hand its own journey, through the whole composition, until it goes smoothly in time. 5. Do the same with the right hand only. 6. Starting one beat before the last 4 measures, put the hands together and try to make your piece end very well, just as the composer intended. When you feel you’ve mastered that section, do the same for the first four measures plus the next beat. Continue in sections like this (divide and conquer!)until you have a good knowledge, vertically and horizontally of what is on the pages. Then you own it and can play it hopefully now from memory, directly from the brain rather than by way of the page, adding appropriate styling and depth of feeling.

    unknown-user on #167522

    It takes time, time and more time. You have to really listen to the music, and listen for what it needs. It’s all in your head and ear, aside from training your fingers. It helps if you know how to play and don’t have that distraction. Doing lots of exercises will help that. Play passages at a very comfortable tempo, then subtract the space between the notes and play it twice as fast. Working your way up one notch at a time on the metronome is less effective.

    unknown-user on #167523

    The previous ideas are great!

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