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    teva-benshlomo–2 on #157037

    Hi! I am Teva, brand new to harp column. I need your feedback please!!!!! I have been playing a lap harp for about a year, and am now ready to make the big, exciting but scary move to a full size lever floor harp. I want to get a really good one, a Triplett, or a Dusty Strings, or a Thormahlen. My question is- does it really make a big difference if I get a 36 string or a 34 string? (meaning, in terms of the REPETOIRE that i will be able to play and in terms of the overall TONE of the harp?)Many of you are advising to get as many strings as you can afford, but the thing is this- if I get a 36 string- I wont be able to afford to “personalize” my harp with abalone inlay,(which i would love to do) but if i get a 34 string, i will. Please advise!!!!!!!!

    lisa-fenwick on #157038

    If you can go and play

    kay-lister on #157039

    Hi Teve,


    jessica-wolff on #157040

    Huh? 34-string harps have the low C too. So does my 33-string harp.
    I agree that the wood matters more than any decoration. A walnut 36-string Dusty Strings is nowhere near as bright as a maple (and it weighs a bit less too). Which is better? The one you like better.

    kreig-kitts on #157041

    Assuming the two strings

    sherry-lenox on #157042

    When I bought my Thormahlen Serenade, I didn’t have the chance to have inlay on it, but now there are inlaid Serenades on the Thormahlen site.

    Since then I have played all three of the harps you’ve mentioned, and they are all just wonderful instruments.

    I played a 34 string Dusty at Somerset that had a huge beautiful sound.

    Because I’ve had such a great experience with Thormahlen, I lean in that direction, but I’d also be glad to try the other two brands.

    Another complication is that you may find yourself changing your mind about the kind of repertoire you want to play as you continue, and then you may need something completely different from what you originally thought you wanted.

    Since I am probably being more confusing and not less, I’m going to stop.

    teva-benshlomo–2 on #157043

    hi all.This is Teva again Thank you all so much for your feedback. I am so excited about purchasing a floor harp (lever), but right now, i am agonizing over this decision! Since i will be laying out a lot of cash, I want to make sure that I am comfortable with my final choice. Unfortunately, I live about 15 hours from the nearest harp store and dont have the possibility to attend any harp convention and dont really want to rent a harp, so I will be making my decision based upon music clips that I hear online as well as upon recommendations of other more experienced harpists like yourselves!. I essentially want a Celtic harp and have no plans or desire to play a pedal harp. I prefer a 36 string harp with medium tension, one with big volume but not overly “bright” sound I prefer a rich mellow but very clean clear “celestial” sound. I think I may like cherry, sapele, or bubinga wood. My budget is around $5000 tops. I am certain there are many models of harps out there that I would love. I am considering a Dusty Strings FH36, a Triplett signature, or a Thormahlen cygnet( I think this one is out of my budget) but I am open to any suggestions about other models you think I may like based on the info I have told you!PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

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