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    Anna Davies on #72891

    So this is my first post here – hello everyone! I’m really excited because I’ve just taken home my very first harp, a Camac Korrigan. Already I’m in love, and really enjoying just settling in and getting to know it. I only started playing in January, so I’m still very much a beginner, and I’ve only been learning on a little rented lap harp until now so having 38 strings feels enormous!

    At the moment, though, I’m a little worried that the metal strings in the bass sound so different from the gut strings on the rest of the harp. I think the tones are both fine (though perhaps the metal strings sound a bit metallic-y) but when I’m playing I really notice the different in sounds between metal and gut as I move between them. Do you think this is something that might settle in time, or that I might get used to (my rented harp had nylon strings, and no low notes to speak of…), or might it be worth getting some different strings? If it’s just a foible of the harp that can’t be changed then I’m sure I can get used to it, but I would like to know if it’s something I can solve!

    deb-l on #72892

    I love wire in the bass, it sounds much stronger than nylon and has a nice ring to it.

    Anna Davies on #72893

    Oh I’m sure a lot of it is just that it needs getting used to. It is a big step from my rental harp!

    I think I might try and damp down the strings in the lower register with some felt or cloth for now – I can see how the sustain and the ring would be really nice in a bigger space, but in my little room it is a bit overwhelming. But I’ll definitely give it time before doing anything like replacing the strings, etc.

    deb-l on #72894

    sounds like it has a nice big sound, something that you will come to appreciate.

    Anna Davies on #72895

    The difference in tension and spacing is pretty big, so it is taking a little while to get used to! But I love the gut tone. I just find it so much warmer and more expressive than the nylon! I’m still playing mostly folk style, but I’m hoping to try some more classical pieces after I see my teacher next week. I’m so excited! I’ve got a real injection of enthusiasm from having my own harp to play on, and now I’m just struggling to stop myself from playing all day long!

    Also the tuning hasn’t settled yet since it arrived, and I know that the gut can be unreliable, but I’m hoping soon I can stop tuning it every few hours…

    deb-l on #72896


    Anna Davies on #72897

    No callouses yet, just soreness! Hopefully the hard patches will turn up soon.

    It’s already keeping in tune a bit longer, so I’m optimistic. I can’t get over how much fun it is to play a big harp! Can’t imagine what I’d be like with a pedal…

    deb-l on #72898

    you have pedal harp aspirations?

    unknown-user on #72899

    Hi, I bought a Camac Korrigan, too! It took a little bit time to get used to its sound, but now I’m OK with it. By the way, I’ve still got a problem. I use my harp without legs, because it’s much more comfortable to me. But its balance is really bad. Few days ago I dropped it and now it has some marks on it. I feel very bad

    deb-l on #72900

    Harp dealers have markers for touching up any scratches.

    unknown-user on #72901

    Anna Davies on #72902

    I’m not sure yet if I do. I definitely don’t have the money at the moment, but maybe a few years down the line… I think I want to get as good as I can on the lever harp first, before I even think about it! But I like the sound of the pedal harp tension and sound, so maybe. Even if I did eventually get a pedal harp I’d like to keep a folk harp going too – maybe my Korrigan, or maybe just a really good quality 34 string one.

    I don’t know how to dampen strings, no (my playing is still quite elementary, as I’ve been learning less than a year) – but thanks for the recommendation! I’ll ask my teacher to show me.

    What kind of harp do you have? I love the classical sound too!

    Anna Davies on #72903

    Whoops, that was meant as a response to Deb above… sorry!

    Ceren, sorry to hear your harp has some scratches. I hope you manage to get them sorted out. What are your favourite things about the Korrigan? I think I like the shape and size best – I’m quite tall so it’s nice to have something that feels in proportion!

    deb-l on #72904

    hi Anna, I have a Prelude now, I’m just doing the rent to own so looking forward to the day the harp is really mine

    unknown-user on #72905

    @Deb Yes, thankfully it’s just a superficial damage. Actually I was organizing my room and I think a cable tangled around it. I’m not sure, I just saw it on the floor! Thank you btw.

    @Kate Oops, they didn’t give me the claw feet! I only have its legs, cover & a tuning tool. I think I should talk to my dealer soon. Thank you very much for the information!

    @Anna If you’re tall, then this harp might suit you well. It’s a big lever harp and you can make it even bigger with its legs. And I was told that it’s a good choice if you’re going to play pedal harp in the future, because of the similar tensions, gauge etc. The levers and the tuning is also good. I hope you can buy the best harp for yourself!

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