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    S M on #167527

    I just wondered…how long do you practice? How often do you
    practice? And what do you do, from beginning to end, when you

    I want to make sure I’m doing enough!

    unknown-user on #167528

    Check the Ametuer Harpist forum and click on “How long do YOU practice” for some helpful info.


    S M on #167529

    I tried that, but my computer won’t let me access it.

    Any other ideas?

    unknown-user on #167530

    The time length of practice isn’t important, but how and what you practice is.

    unknown-user on #167531

    Hi SM,
    My name is Liz and I’ve been playing the harp for about 4 and 1/2 years. My belief is that how long you practice totally depends on what you want to do in the future, how busy you are now, how long you have been playing, and how advanced you are. When I first started on a lever harp when I was 11, I practiced about an hour a day. But when I upgraded to a pedal harp, I started practicing in the 2-3 hour range. Now that I’m in high school, my practice time has come very valuable. I go straight to diving practice after school every other day, and have track on the other days. Once a week, I also have youth orchestra, and then I of course have harp, trumpet, piano, and cello lessons. I also did swimming and soccer during the fall and winter. So as you can see, practicing duration depends on the individual. Do as much as works for you, and make sure you dont push yourself too much. And since, I would intending to head to a college and majoring in harp, I’m doing my share of fitting in about 3 hours a day. Of course, I dont get to sleep until about midnight! Feel free to email, if you have anymore questions or just want to chat about harp and youth orchestras!

    carl-swanson on #167532

    I agree pretty much with Jim.

    S M on #167533

    Thanks, everyone!!

    I usually don’t have time to practice more than an hour and a half every day (even that’s pushing it).

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #167534

    You are doing fine! You are absolutely right to start each practice session with technique.
    Do be careful to take a break after an hour, then finish up your practicing after that. Your
    muscles and tendons will love you for it.

    S M on #167535

    Thanks, everyone!

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