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    Has this happened to anyone else? I’ve been playing for not even ten years, and I’ve actually broken two. The first one just broke on its own, but I just broke my low D by pulling too hard! I guess I don’t know my own strength. It was that D at the end of the run at the top of the third to last page in Piece Symphonique…



    I’ve only had it happen once, and that was while tuning.

    Sarah Mullen

    I’ve broken lots of wires over the years.

    David Ice

    I had a wire pop while I was playing tea at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel.


    I’ve had several go over the years. The first one went at 3am. The harp was at the foot of my bed and it was pitch dark. Scared the bejeesus out of me! The most embarrassing was at a wedding. The registrar said “please be upstanding for the entrance of the bride” and bang. Everyone jumped a mile and I just had to carry on and play the Wedding March with the broken string rattling away like crazy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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