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    unknown-user on #167316

    Ever wonder who is behind those famous harp licks in your favorite pop music? Who was
    the harpist in Stevie Wonder?s hit ?Is It Magic?? from his album ?Songs in the Key of Life??
    Which harpist nailed that great solo on the Harry Potter soundtrack? Tell us your favorite
    pop harp lick and we?ll try to uncover which harpist was behind the mic. Post your
    favorites licks here, and we?ll reveal the harpists behind them in a future Harp Column

    Evangeline Williams on #167317

    I believe there’s harp in the Moody Blues song “Knights in White Satin”.

    unknown-user on #167318

    Who did the harp parts in a song called “Aurora” by Bj?rk? Also, who is the harpist that
    played “Fluffy’s Harp” from the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?

    marguerite-lynn-williams on #167319

    I’d love to find out who played the extensive harp solo with George Michael in “I Remember You” off of his Songs from the Last Century album. Do you think that music is available somewhere??

    unknown-user on #167320

    The harp on Beatles “She’s leaving home” was played by Sheila Bromberg, the first female musician to appear on a beatles record. found: http://aristoteles.ciencias.uchile.cl/beatles/songs/slh.html and other sites.

    The best books for beatles-songs concerning instrumentation, authorship etc. are: Ian McDonald: Revolution in the Head and Mark Lewinsohn: The Beatles Recording Sessions

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