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    unknown-user on #168170

    I’m looking towards playing my Triplett Celtic II Harp at weddings
    and other events and am wondering how other harpists got started.
    I’m probably not advanced enough to play for weddings, but what
    other events could you play for in working up to that point.

    unknown-user on #168171

    I’ve played at a nursing home before, and it was great! It’s probably the easiest audience anywhere! I think it’s a good way to get started, because the people there love it no matter what (who cares if you make some mistakes?). I’ve never done a wedding either, but I have played background music at parties and stuff. I like that too, because you get the experience without being in the spotlight.

    unknown-user on #168172

    Yes, weddings are a great way to start! It’s always good to begin with something where you’re quite noticable, but not having a stagelight on you…. You might also want to try playing during the cocktail hours of a wedding of someone in your family- another great way to get started in the world of harp preforming…

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