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    petaleafy on #215735

    Hello my loves.
    I am just wondering how many of you have had some lovely painted artwork done on your harps by Pilgrim Harps? I am thinking of getting some lovely flowery vines done on my soundboard. I was wondering what you thought of them? And do you mind me asking how much you paid for it as well? How long did it take? Thank you.
    Rina xx

    emma-graham on #215760

    The artist at Pilgrim is Jerry Blumire. He is on Facebook as Jerry Blumire harpart. He’s lovely so you could contact him direct and have a chat. His artwork is beautiful. Generally speaking through, he doesn’t add paintings to finished harps, only to new ones. I enquired about having artwork added to a second hand Pilgrim Aldeburgh that I had just bought and it is because the soundboard would need to be stripped of any finish before it was painted. The harp would have to be taken part to do it so it would work out very expensive.

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