Piano and Harp duo

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    wendy-willis on #147251


    Where did you get the piano part for Ennanga?

    unknown-user on #147252

    How about finding a piece for two harps and making the pianist arrange the harp part for himself.

    unknown-user on #147253

    My harpist friend and I adapted a Jill Justice arrangement for Lever and Pedal Harp Duet of As The Deer (1984 Maranatha Praise, Inc). We also played a Daniel Burton arrangement of Amazing Grace for harp and piano (2001 Jubal Press)

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147254

    When I heard the Debussy Danses performed by Grete Wangensteen and William Wangensteen, it was then that I understoond how beautiful and compatible the harp and piano could be. That was because he played the piano with such sensitivity-as though he was playing Debussy-that it enhanced the harp rather than obliterate it. If only all pianists could so modulate their touch. Perhaps it takes a fine pianist to adapt his tone to whatever instrument he is accompanying, or a fine father.

    julia-reth on #147255

    There are some very nice pieces of Ferdinand Ries, who was a pupil of Beethoven and copied his style.

    HBrock25 on #147256

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music score for J.L. Dussek’s Op. 38, “Duo for harp, piano & horn ad
    libitum”? I have found recordings of it, I found the harp part online (for free), but I cannot find the piano or horn parts. Would LOVE to be able to get hold of all the parts for this piece.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147257

    I think the harp and piano duos by Henri Zagwijn will be right up your alley. Alice Giles and her husband recorded one of them, “the Seasons”. There is another one called “Mystere”. Reynaldo Hahn’s “Prelude, Waltz and Rigaudon” is very chromatic, but fun.

    zach-hatcher on #147258

    one of my favorites is the Bazeliare Fantasiestuck
    that is the score and just look up bazeliare fantasiestuck on youtube to listen to it if you want

    patricia-jaeger on #147259

    The Elegie for Harp and Piano is by Henriette Renie.

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