Piano and Harp duo

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    unknown-user on #147236

    I’m looking for piano and harp duo pieces for a recital.

    unknown-user on #147237

    My Professor always told me never to play a Harp and Piano duet.

    unknown-user on #147238

    Dussek (1760-1812) wrote some music for harp and piano. The best-known Trois duos concertants for harp and piano (op.69 nos. 1-3) was written in his late years. I don’t know if this piece still in print…
    Having a mother, a mistress and a wife who were all noted harpists, Dussek also wrote a number of sonatinas, sonatas and concertos for harp as well.

    Tacye on #147239

    There is quite a lot of 19th Century music for piano and harp (the piano then was quieter and it was a good way to show off two daughters of marriagable age simultaneously)

    unknown-user on #147240

    You might explore music written for two pianos or piano and organ.

    unknown-user on #147241

    There is a very sweet easy harp/piano piece called “Les Pins de Charlannes” by Henriette Reni?, available att http://www.harpcenter.com

    unknown-user on #147242

    Francois Boieldieu wrote at least 2 duos for harp and piano; the 2nd duo is published by Editions Musicales Radio France.

    unknown-user on #147243

    The great masterpiece for Harp and Piano is the Sonata by Carlos Salzedo. It is very effective when played well, and not too difficult for the harp. The Berezowsky Concerto and the Ravel Introduction and Allegro also work well with piano. If you want something conservative, then try Reynaldo Hahn’s Prelude Valse and Rigaudon for harp and piano.

    HBrock25 on #147244

    Where can one purchase the Salzedo piano and harp duo?

    Misty Harrison on #147245

    Tacye is right that a lot of the pieces mentioned were written for versions of the pianoforte and not the piano we have today; the sounds are different and the volumes are different.

    The Salzedo duo is great and available but you said not too modern and it is certainly a great piece in the modern style.

    Might be best to try and get a recital at a school with a pianoforte.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147246

    Lyra carries the Salzedo Sonata. It is very challenging, but a masterpiece. The bias against harp and piano is unfounded, I have realized. If the pianist accompanies sensitively, they are beautiful together, but if they are too loud, it does not work. It’s just more noticable than with other instruments. Lyra has other harp and piano works in their catalog. The Introduction and Allegro of Ravel is very beautiful as a duet.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147247

    The Berezowsky Concerto is also an effective duet, and the Turina Theme and Variations is not difficult and very nice.

    Maria M on #147248

    Thank you so much for the lead on where to get the Salzedo duet!

    unknown-user on #147249

    “Ennanga” by William Grant Still is available in a harp and piano arrangement, and is just beautiful. I had to order it directly from someone in his family years ago, but I found the ordering info on the Internet. If you’re interested in it, let me know and I’ll try to dig up the info.


    mr-s on #147250

    i have a CD played by C.Michel , she plays Duetto pour Harpe et

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