Phantom of the Opera Harp Part

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    David Ice on #244261

    This is NOT designed to circumvent copyright, etc!!!!

    I have created my own edition of the harp part for PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. It has all the corrections, good page turns, pedal diagrams galore, pedal markings galore, TONS of vocal and stage cues….in other words, I made it as sight-readable as possible. Yes, they finally did a lovely printed version–but it still had some errors, etc. So let me know if/when anybody needs it. It is performance tested–dare I say, extreme testing with the most incompetent conductor ever (to the point the entire orchestra was ready to walk out!)

    Just trying to make life simpler for us. No charge.

    I’ve done my own editions of portions of A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, sections of THE FANTASTICKS, and all of SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE and the opera DIALOGUES OF THE CARMELITES (Poulenc), sections of CEREMONY OF CAROLS, all of MANY MOODS OF CHRISTMAS (where I combined the lute and harp parts), my editions of the Faure and Rutter REQUIEMs, and and a few other things here and there.

    I’m also currently working on the Forrest REQUIEM FOR THE LIVING (which I prefer to call REQUIEM FOR THE HARPIST) and that will hopefully be completed soon…..and sadly, I fear there will be a call for more Requiems in the future….

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    sena Teo on #255363

    Be creative as you please. do not infringe copyrights. Please create your own copyright.

    Gretchen Cover on #255370

    David, I always appreciate the time and effort you put into making orchestra harp parts playable. Hopefully, orchestras will be performing soon. They are in Florida.

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