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    Hi there,

    I will playing for my church picnic this coming Saturday, September 13th. It will be out doors. I’m not sure how or where I’m going to be. I usually perform at Christmas, but because of the release of my new cd (smiles), my Pastor asked if I could sing one of the songs from the album. Ten percent of the CD sales will go to Midnight Run, a program to clothed and provide food for the homeless of New York City.

    The song is called Harpers Under The Sky. It’s based on a 3 dimensional painting of four Harpers. I’m feeling a bit numb; I have always wanted to play the harp and sing, but now that I have the opportunity, I’m feeling like “I don’t want to”. Crazy Right?

    So it’s me and my lever harp partner, playing music for the parishioners of my Church. One interesting thing. The song is 9 minutes long. Buuuuuuut it doesn’t feel that way. Or at least I hope no one will feel that it’s that or longer 🙂
    Stay tuned.

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