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    S Hawkins on #189099

    What are the most known perceptions about harpist. What are the things that you hear the most about harpist or the things that people believe most about harpist. Please share your interesting stories and thoughts about the perception of harpist. Please share and comment!!!

    Biagio on #189101

    Fun topic! From people with no prior interest or knowledge the most common perception is this:

    “I thought harpists were mostly ladies in flowing gowns with that beautiful big gold harp!”

    Always good for a giggle. After a little period of discussion the next question is often “Gosh, how much would a lever harp cost and where can I buy one?”

    That’s one I really enjoy answering!


    Sylvia on #189102

    But why is the topic posted twice?

    balfour-knight on #189104

    “Harpists are all Angels!”

    Victoria on #189106

    Harpists can’t count, can’t sight read well and always play out of tune. I have heard this perception from quite a few other orchestra musician.

    Harpists are rich and snobs. Probably have something to do with how financially demanding it is to own a harp.

    Sylvia on #189108

    Here are the ones from the other (same) post.

    Sylvia ON JULY 15, 2015 AT 1:25 PM #189100
    One perception of harpists that I encounter is that harpists play only classical music.
    Also, that a harpist needs another instrumentalist to play the melody.
    Another is a kind of disbelief that harpists (especially girls) would lug around such a heavy instrument.

    balfour-knight ON JULY 15, 2015 AT 3:48 PM #189105
    You are correct, Sylvia. Our posts are going to two different places!

    Sylvia on #189110

    “Harpists can’t count, can’t sight read well and always play out of tune. I have heard this perception from quite a few other orchestra musician.”

    I haven’t heard this from other orchestra musicians, but personally, I fit the first two categories. I like to think I’m pretty much in tune. However, we’re the only orchestra member who has 46 or 47 strings on our instrument, so any other orchestra player who says that is really obtuse.

    S Hawkins on #189112

    The 2nd post was a mistake. Sorry!!!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #189168

    I grew up in Minnesota, and it seemed to me then that to be a professional harpist, you had to be a blonde with a blond style 23 harp.

    hearpe on #189260

    “Harpists are all Angels”-

    A number of years back I wrote a script about a harp bearing angel-
    when I couldn’t sell the script- I finally put it online- and it’s still there:

    Never known any real harpists myself, but I love “fairy music” and some of the fantasy art on youtube:

    I’m a fairy guerilla journalist!

    Emily Granger on #189376

    I always get, “Oh you look just like a harpist! Do you all have long blonde hair?” I think the common perception is that we are super feminine in big gowns and sit around and play glissandi! And of course the Can’t count, can’t play in tune thing is unfortunate…. We can count and we can play in tune!

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