Pedaling for Dance of the White Lotus

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    kirsten-osborne on #145541

    Hello harpists,

    I am working on the beautiful piece “Dance of the White lotus under the Silver Moon” by Stella Sung, written for flute and harp. Because it is written by a flutist there are no pedals, which has generally been fine but I am perplexed in measure 171. Has anyone done this piece? I can’t decide what should be enharmonic.


    rosalind-beck on #145542

    Kirsten, here’s what I did–pedals as follows: D-sharp, C-natural, B-sharp, E-flat, F-natural, G-sharp, A-flat.

    First beat (with appropriate accidentals according to chart), right hand C, slide thumb to B, A,G; left hand F, E, D; right hand C, B, A, G; left hand F, E, change B to flat, change G and D to flat for next measure.

    I hope this is clear.

    kirsten-osborne on #145543


    Thanks so much for you reply. I think I understand what you did here. In the second beat where it is written “F, E#, E flat, D#”, do you just play the F string twice? At the end of the measure where it appears that the same F is played in both hands, did you just play a single F or did you do something enharmonic there? Thanks again!


    rosalind-beck on #145544

    Hey Kirsten,

    For the second beat I played just F as an eighth note, then E-flat and D-sharp as sixteenth notes. For the last beat, I played a single F (nothing additional enharmonically). Good luck with this piece. It’s really nice.

    kirsten-osborne on #145545

    OK thanks so much for your help! It’s a really cool piece!

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