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    Emily Rose on #157593

    Do anyone have a good pedal harp for amateur to recomend?

    paul-knoke on #157594

    I recently visited Pilgrim Harps and was very impressed with their work. I especially like the Aldeburgh model, both for sound and appearance:

    Katherine Collyer on #157595

    I would second that recommendation, I have just visited Pilgrim and preferred their Aldeburgh even over their more expensive models. Even listening “blind” it was my favourite. Lovely, its on my wish list for when I can get a pedal harp!

    I’m looking forward to hearing others’ recommendations, though. I am sure everyone has different preferences as its very personal, as with every instrument!

    andy-b on #157596

    Are you interested in a concert grand, or are you thinking of something smaller? Also, where are you located? It’s always best if you can try out several brands side by side, and pick the one that speaks to you, but this isn’t always possible. I’ve had the Lyon & Healy 85P (40 string) and the Camac Clio (44-string), and loved both.

    M Qadeer on #157597

    HI, how are you dear;
    thanks for message
    44 string harp with leaver,same design but without
    padal box
    the price of that (200)US
    If you wanted so please contect me and
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