Paradisi Toccata accidentals

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    melissa-gallant on #187614

    I have been comparing harp transcriptions of the Paradisi Toccata to keyboard versions of the same piece. I am noticing some A#s in the keyboard versions that are not in the harp transcriptions. Since this piece is on a couple upcoming harp competition lists, I am curious what the “right” notes are. Does anyone have a definitive answer?

    Philippa mcauliffe on #187662

    I played this on piano way before harp from what my teacher told me was urtext and agrees 100% with a newer edition of the sonata we have at home as well so I changed the harp to match. There are Dflat/natural differences too and I am not very convinced by the octaves even allowing for improvisations for the period or the little grace note that made its way in! But I am not playing it in a competition where the judges have a score in front of them….

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