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    Sylvia on #194947

    Anyone amplify with a PA system?  If so, what kind, and how heavy is it?  Where do you put your mic?


    sueblane on #194972

    Hi Sylvia,

    I use a small Crate Taxi amplifier for smaller events, and a Bose PA system for larger ones. The Bose is much heavier, each section weighs about 25 lbs, I’m lucky my husband takes care of that for me. But the sound is amazing. When playing a wedding for a few hundred guests, the sound just blankets the area. I use a pickup built into the harp, but mic cables also plug in easily.


    Sylvia on #194981

    I don’t plug anything into my (pedal) harp, so I’m wondering since a PA picks up voice (it’s not plugged into the person), would it just as well pick up the harp sound?

    I’m looking into the Kustom personal PA- wt is 18 lbs.

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