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    jessica-wolff on #146244

    Patricia, thank you. I remember I had the same problem WAY back in my teens and my mother made me lemon-juice jello and V8-jello to tackle it.

    For the folks with dry-skin problems: dunno if they still make it or not, but there was some stuff called Corn Huskers Lotion, mostly glycerine, that was very effective. Takes a good while to actually work it in.

    lisa-davis on #146245

    it’s a definately concern for any instrument. I’m a professional pianist who has found myself wanting to play less and less since a 3rd degree burn to one of my fingers (boiled over coffee in the microwave of all the stupid things). even 2 years later when I hit a key just right those nerves which have any sensitivity left will sent a shot of pain straight up my arm. I’ve been medically assured I’m not causing any further damage, but it’s made playing a lot less fun….. Hence my increased harping since that time. the side and tip of the finger were not burned, so no pain when harping. I understand now why some performers get their hands insured!

    paul-wren on #146246

    Anyone ever heard of putting liquid vitamin C on finger cuts?

    sherry-lenox on #146247

    I can give a glowing review to NexCare Skin Crack Care. It smells good, unlike the old skin glue, and contains Tea Tree Oil and also vitamin E AND oil soluble vitamin C.

    I understand it can be hard to find, but it is sold on Amazon. I got mine at the local Walgreen’s.

    unknown-user on #146248

    I tried this out and I was amazed! Moisturizers usually leave a greasy oily feeling for an hour or so. The aloe vera felt a lot like water, and soaked in very quickly. But for a few hours my hands weren’t dry at all! The best part was they never felt greasy, thanks for the tip!

    — Natalie

    Sarah Mullen on #146249

    A photographer I’ve gotten to know at some of my events came up to me recently to let me know he’d taken a series of close-up hdr photographs of my hands.

    diana-lincoln on #146250

    For those of you with dry fingers, do you have any problems with making your strings squeak? This has become a very distracting problem for me. When my teacher plays my harp (Prelude) we hear no squeaks at all. My fingers are dry but not cracked. I use lotion everytime I wash. A couple of people suggested running fingers through my hair before playing but that didn’t work…I’m really puzzled! It kinda makes me feel like nails on a chalk board when I play. HELP!

    Diana L.

    diana-day on #146251

    Diana, I use just a bit of baby powder on my fingertips and the squeaks disappear.

    Sherry, thanks for telling us about Nexcare. Amazing stuff!

    Sarah Mullen on #146252

    I know its expensive, but I’ve grown to really like having some dermabond liquid stitches in my emergency kit.

    diana-lincoln on #146253

    Diana Day, Thank you so much for the powder idea! It worked like a charm!!! I really enjoyed playing today!!!
    Diana L.

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