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    claire-kim on #151293

    Does any one know some music for advanced STRING orchestra that have harp parts?

    I was trying to find some, though most of them are for full orch.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #151294

    I suspect there are hundreds of such works. I went through an old ASCAP catalog, and there were lots. I don’t know if you can search their online catalog by instrumentation, but you might be able to go composer by composer and use harp as a keyword.

    claire-kim on #151295

    Thanks, do you know where can I get or see the catalog?

    Alison on #151296

    I have “Concertino in an Old Style” by Maciej Malecki, published by Salvi, for strings and 2 harps. Then there is Sospiri by Sibelius, a very short piece and the Adagietto in Mahler 5 of course.
    I’ll keep thinking…

    Alison on #151297

    and Vaughan Williams’ “Dives and Lazarus”. Then I’d look thro’ Bax and Delius works.

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