Old Wurlitzer

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    jennifer on #218579

    I own a Wurlitzer harp and trying to find out more information about it. I have attached some pictures. Also, does anyone know if there is someone in the Midwest who works on these? Doesn’t need to be completely refurbished, just needs a bit of work done.

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    charles-nix on #218621

    Somehow the pictures didn’t attach. People will want to see several. Look for a serial number on the action. Count the number of strings. What are the lowest and highest notes?

    If you’re looking for information on the condition, it will help to see photos 1) straight across the sound board (to see how much it is bowed), 2) at the bottom of the body/soundboard on the left (D) side where it meets the base, 3) squarely along the neck from the player’s position, 4) straight down from above the neck with all pedals in sharp showing the third octave, and then the general photos that one would take of the harp.

    It should be pretty easy to find a technician in the midwest. Where in the midwest are you?

    redharpist on #218636

    Hi, Buck! The midwest is a pretty big area, so if you could give us a state I’m sure fellow harpists can point you in the right direction. Even if you’re not looking for a complete restoration, it might help to see someone who is familiar with antique harps. I’m in Michigan and found out that the guy that does most of the harp regulations around here also restores antique harps for major museums. I also learned from Charles that there’s a restorer in Ohio. And correct me if I’m wrong Charles, but wouldn’t the major harp manufacturers repair/restore instruments? Lyon and Healy and Venus are in Chicago. So, there are options.

    Also, I would love to see photos if you can get them to attach.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #218754

    I think you can get some repairs done in Minnesota, too.

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