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    Cassie M

    Currently I have two harps- A Ravenna 26 only two years old with b, c, and f levers. I also own an old Hidden Valley harp that I have yet to fix up because I don’t know which strings to use(they’re strings cost a ridiculous amount compared to any other brand.)

    Anyways, my predicament is whether or not to get a troubadour I for $400 or just keep my new ravenna 26. I’ve been needing to get a bigger lever harp as I can’t afford a pedal harp for a long time. Having 33 strings and full levers would be so helpful. Most songs I can’t play by only a string or two. The soundboard has been replaced but the levers have not. I know the strings were replaced somewhere along the lines but they’re not sure when. Is it worth it? I really do need a bigger harp but whether or not to just wait and skip this bargain I’m not sure.


    Cassie, sounds like you are answering your own question.

    ;-) Kay

    Cassie M

    Kay, Maybe I posted just to justify it all haha! 😉


    If you buy the Troub and change your mind it shouldn’t be too hard to sell on at that price.


    Cassie, I have an old Troubadour I, and it has a pretty good sound. It also has the original soundboard and the original levers, which I hate. But it was completely restrung and regulated a few months ago. What I’m saying is that the levers may no longer give you an accurate semitone. You should check that with an electronic tuner or have a buddy with perfect pitch check it out.

    In addition to 33 strings and full levers, it is nice to have a genuine floor harp that doesn’t require some sort of gimmick or stand or special chair for you to play it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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