Ogden Broken Strings!

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    HBrock25 on #158575


    I am somewhat new to the harp.

    jessica-wolff on #158576

    You startled me for a moment–Brokenstrings is my user name elsewhere. No, 15 strings in that time is not normal. Are you sure you’re not tuning too high? Discuss the matter with the person or institution you are renting from. After all, you’re paying for the replacement strings, right?

    dawn-penland on #158577

    It’s hard to say what’s going on.

    Karen Johns on #158578

    Are they gut strings? If so, are you noticing them breaking mainly in the upper octaves? If so, you may want to consider switching them out with nylon. Call L&H and discuss this with one of their technicians, and the place you rented the harp from.

    Good Luck,

    galen-reed on #158579


    I got one of the first Ogdens made (and still have it), and there was extreme breakage in the first 6-9 months, afterwhich it began to taper off until now when they are breaking much less, and usually of normal old age.

    unknown-user on #158580

    I have had this problem with my Ogden harp. It was the same string that kept breaking (every week or two, for over a year!) We had to send it in for repairs so many times, and in the end they figured out there was a huge crack in the soundboard and I had to get a new harp.
    I think the string breaking had to do with the little rings at the bottom, they were made of metal but all the newer Ogdens (and all the other L&H harps) at the store had plastic rings. Maybe this is why your strings break as well?

    Karen Johns on #158581


    One of my dear harpist friends has an L&H Prelude 40, and she had quite a few strings break even with those plastic grommets. I really think it might have to do with gut strings and high tension in those upper octaves (if gut strings are what the Ogden is strung with). It seems to be a fairly common occurence with L&H harps, at least with these two models. Luckily, my friend contacted L&H about the problem and they replaced all her strings at no charge. They are now stringing the new Prelude 40 harps with nylon in the upper octaves due to this problem.


    John Sims on #158582

    Thank you for all the advice everyone.

    andy-b on #158583

    Hi, John: I hope your experience with the Ogden won’t sour you on harps! The Ogdens seem to be pretty sturdy, nice little harps once they get past that string breakage stage. I had one for a year myself, with the same issue for the first several months. It is very frustrating to have to deal with! I’ve had two Preludes that broke a few strings, but not to the extent of the Ogden.

    Another harp I highly recommend is the Thormahlen Serenade. I purchased a used one last Novemeber, and have been very pleased. I’ve replaced a couple of the older strings, but not had any breakage so far.

    Lynn on #158584

    Hello, John,

    I’m sure I’d have gotten

    Laurie Muirhead on #158585

    I have a student that has been experiencing this same challenge.

    deb-l on #158586

    I’ve had my one year old rental Ogden, #750, for 2 weeks and no broken strings yet.

    jean-mac on #158587

    I too had many broken strings within the first few months of owning the Ogden 2 years ago and have now replaced most of them (gut strung) and have just had 2 more break.

    deb-l on #158588

    Jean, that is one scary post!

    Lynn on #158589

    Hi, Jean et al,

    I’m certainly no expert either, but

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