Nothing Else Matters

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    Emma Preuss on #159914

    Hi guys

    I came across a (slightly rough) harp

    michael-rockowitz on #159915

    I don’t know if this is at all useful to you, but here’s a link to the words, and more importantly, the chords:

    nothing else matters chords

    If you can, work out the melody against the chords, then from the chords, create an arrangement.

    Emma Preuss on #159916

    Thanks. I’ll have an attempt at doing it with the chords but I suspect that I might not get too far. I’ll see how I get on.


    michael-rockowitz on #159917

    I made the assumption that you have previous musical background.

    Emma Preuss on #159918

    I’m at uni at the moment which means that I’m 200 miles away from my teacher. I’ve been learning new pieces to practice and I wanted a bit of a challenge, not to mention the pleasure of learning a piece that I enjoy.

    The harp is actually my first instrument although I have some background music knowledge from keyboards at school and singing lessons. I probably could pick out a tune by ear but it would be slow, painful and not have much finesse sadly.

    jennifer-buehler on #159919

    Can you find an easy piano version of this song?

    michael-rockowitz on #159920


    I’ve seen the love of a piece of music, in myself and others, motivate them to struggle to learn it just by listening to it, and to work at it until they were able to play it to their satisfaction.

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