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    unknown-user on #163949

    Hi Becky,

    You are not crazy, nor are you alone.

    I showed up to my first harp
    lesson without having ever placed a finger on one. In fact, I had
    never played any instrument before! Out of a late-night random Google search I
    started listening to harp music, nearly obsessively, until I just had to learn
    how to play. I had dreams about it!

    However, armed with a good teacher and a
    will to learn, I’m pleased with my progress. So follow your gut!

    As for buying a harp – I’d suggest you
    might consider waiting before you commit to a purchase just yet. Your teacher
    (unless you plan to try to self-teach) might have suggestions for you, or, if
    you rent before you buy, you might find a model or preference that better suits
    you. If so, then you’ll be happy that you rented first! (I know I am!)

    Have a great journey to the harp!

    margaret-helminiak on #163950

    Hey, Becky, I totally understand!

    unknown-user on #163951

    Thanks for the encouraging words! I can’t wait to get started. I have never sat at a lever or pedal harp, so it may be that I end up liking pedal harp as well. There’s just something so friendly and approachable about lever harps that makes me favor them at this point at least. I have to say though, I love all harps!

    I also have a “harp fund” that I’ve started. 🙂 Seems to be the only way the money I save continues to be designated for that particular purchase. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when that day finally comes.

    Congrats on all the progress!

    Thanks to everyone else for their encouragement as well.


    HBrock25 on #163952

    Hi Becky…this is Becky!

    Are you my twin or something? I just saw this forum today and joined because I had to contact you and let you know we are exactly in the same position right now, doing exactly the same things…except I live in Kentucky…LOL!

    Yes, I am also saving for a harp, can’t really afford much, have piano/singing alto background, debating lessons first or buying first, etc. I really want to get my harp for Christmas…but the more I look, the more I want to save up and get one I truly want. Yet, I’m dealing with the anxious unpatient part of me that wants to play. So I use my KEYBOARD (just like you) and play it on harp setting to suffice.

    I would like to keep in contact with you because I think it would be good to know someone through this beginning journey who has the same exact questions/problems/likes vs. dislikes as I do.

    My email is Thanks Becky!

    brook-boddie on #163953


    Have you checked the Lyon and Healy Certified Preowned Harp website?

    jan-fetty on #163954
    patricia-jaeger on #163955

    For theory of music, especially for new players of harp, look at the site It’s pretty good, free of charge, and you can do it on your own time, advancing through the levels.

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