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    Hello to everyone,

    Looking for advice.


    No one has answered, so maybe my answer will be better than none?


    Hi Sylvia

    Many thanks for replying, your advice is very helpful to say the least.


    I would encourage you to


    Hi Andy

    Many thanks for the reply – I am leaning towards the Camac Harps, for as you said, Camac is based in France and issue of having a harp regulated and – hopefully not – the possibility of repairs in the middle of rural France!

    The models that I will likely consider are the Athena (extended), the Vendome (can’t find any opinions/experiences about this harp) and the Atlantide Prestige – if I can afford and justify the cost at the time!

    It might be a trip to Wales to try them out or a trip to Camac in Paris – I live in Bournemouth, so the ferries are fairly convenient for trips to France 🙂

    Many Thanks again



    I know that Camac in France has a pre-owned set-up, so you’d want to give that a look.

    I am a former woodwind player, and I always preferred new, but in strings, I really prefer pre-used.

    I bought a wonderful little pre-used harp from Lyon and Healy that has been the perfect instrument since I got it, so if I were looking again, I’d be looking at pre-used first.


    You might want to consider the Edinburgh Harp Festival – most of the UK harp brands in one place for comparison.

    The main pro for 2nd hand harps is more harp for your money.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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