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    jzydek on #253575

    I posted this earlier, but it didn’t show up, and I have no idea why. I bought this Style 15 last summer. It was made in 1957. I cleaned it up, restrung it gently bringing up the pitch as there were 5 broken strings on it when I bought it and it hadn’t been played in 10 years at least. (The owner developed MS and stopped playing.) I took it to Tom Bell in Akron, OH in August. He disassembled it pretty much, refinished it (not the soundboard of course) and gilded it. Then he added the crown I took to him to install, restrung it with my new strings and regulated it. This is the SWEETEST sounding little harp, and it rings forever and the sound carries for such a small harp. I just love it to pieces…..finally got my pretty gold harp. 🙂

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    balfour-knight on #253583

    What a beautiful harp! Tom Bell is wonderful–he is my harp tech of choice. Thanks for posting this.

    Have a great Harp day,

    Sylvia on #253589

    Same thing happened to me last week…posting and it not showing up.
    My 15 is a good deal newer, born in ’71, but I agree. Beautiful and beautiful sound.

    Harper10 on #253603

    Wow! It shines! Absolutely stunning work! Congrats on having this beautiful treasure back. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I just purchased a Style 15 myself. It had been sitting in a home for many years. I can wait to slowly start replacing the strings on it and hear it’s voice one day soon!

    balfour-knight on #253609

    Congratulations, Harper 10, on your pedal harp purchase! It is so good to know what Tom Bell could do with your harp if you ever decide to go in that direction.

    Best wishes,
    Balfour and Carol Lynn

    Harper10 on #253612

    Thanks so much, Balfour! 🙂

    The gold gilding takes this harp to the next level. It’s breathtaking! I’m excited for you and your harp adventures with this golden beauty!

    jzydek on #253668

    Thanks everyone. Tom does a really wonderful job on my harps. What he did to this one is over-the-top as far as I am concerned. He did just a beautiful job. He can do it all — regulate, adjust, gild, finish…..all of it, and it sounds as beautiful as it looks, too. Tom is about 4 hours from me, but he’s worth the drive.

    Harper10, congratulations on your pedal harp. I think a 15 is a really nice harp. This one rings on forever…..seriously lovely.


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