New Harp – how long does it take for the pedals to loosen up a bit?

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    tanyanoel on #222567

    I purchased a new harp (Camac Athena) about 6 or 7 weeks ago (and I love it!!!!!!) and the pedals feel nice, but are not as loose and easy to move as older well played harps of the same model. My teacher said that is normal for the pedals of a new harp to be stiffer than an older one.

    My question for you all is how long would you say it takes for those pedals to break in? I practice 2 hours daily at the moment. And it is worth me saying that the pedals are not hard to move and feel pretty nice as they are, just not as smooth and easy to move as the harp I take lessons on (same model MUCH older).

    Gretchen Cover on #222579

    I would contact a Camac rep and ask. As well, you may want to contact the harp tech who services harps in your area and ask. One of my harps when bought new was great but the other one badly needed a regulation right after I received it; probably due to the stress of shipping. Once regulated the pedals were fine.

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