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    I just bought a harp cart from The Harp Shoppe in Loveland, CO. Here’s their website.

    Ohmygosh the cart is wonderful! It’s lightweight, very sturdy, and reasonably priced ($195.) It has two straps which steady the harp; the extra strap goes over the neck. I had to move one of our university harps through mud and snow this past week. The cart handled perfectly. And it’s half the weight of my McKay mover.

    The cart also comes apart if you need it to. It has two buttons in the middle of it that you can push to break it down to half size, which is great when you’re trying to move a harp, a bass, two music stands, a string bag and a bench in a Subaru wagon!

    More features, but I’m not a salesman…just check it out online.

    Kathy Bundock Moore

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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